Become an Angel

The steering committee provides the overall guidelines, requirements and approves members – both new and annual renewals. It is chaired by Dereck Foster, the Trident Angels founder and BEF board member. Although angels make their own investment decision independently, they work collaboratively. The Trident Angels attract and retain members who strongly adhere to its core values:

  • We care about the entrepreneurs we invest in – we want them to succeed and be happy with their commitment.
  • We want to enjoy the overall investment process and work in a spirit of trust, integrity and friendly relationships.

The benefits of joining the network for members include:

  • Develop strong relationships in an exclusive network of high networth individuals with strong integrity and business ethics.
  • Gain priority access to innovative ideas and profitable investment opportunities.
  • Diversify your portfolio of investments.
  • Get the satisfaction from transforming promising entrepreneurs into leaders of successful enterprises.
  • Learn new skills, perspectives and knowledge from international experts and new professional experiences.

The membership requirements and expectations are:

  • The Trident Angels expect its Members to participate in a minimum of two meetings per year.
  • To ensure the renewal of their membership, angels are required to act in accordance with the Trident Angels code of conduct, pay their dues, and invest a minimum of BDS$10,000 per year (or be involved in previous deals).
  • The Members interested in an investment are required to contribute to the workload involved in due diligence, post-investment monitoring and mentoring based on industry knowledge, skills or access to resources. When Members do not have the knowledge, skills or time required, s/he will be asked to contribute in other ways on a case-by-case basis.
  • Members must have their own legal advices before entering into an investment agreement. The BEF/Trident Angels and its directors or employees disclaim any and all liability arising from any actions taken by any person at any time involving, related to or in connection with the investment process.

The Code of conduct for members:

  1. The Members of the Trident Angels, in recognition of the importance of their investments and related activities in affecting the livelihoods of others, and in accepting a personal obligation to their peers and community, do hereby commit themselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct.
  2. Members shall deal fairly and honestly with all parties, and act with integrity, dignity, diligence, good faith and without discrimination towards any individuals in the community.
  3. Before a Member enters into a contract with an entrepreneur, the Trident Angels must have received a copy of the pitch deck and conducted the screening process transparently.
  4. All fees charged or paid must be disclosed by the Member before any contract is made.
  5. Members will take all reasonable precautions to keep investor’s information and investee’s information private and confidential, unless the information is in the public domain or obtained by Members independently.
  6. Members will restrict access to information to those responsible employees and partners whose knowledge is essential for assessment and evaluation for the purpose of raising finance.
  7. Members will use investee information solely for the purpose of raising finance, and not exploit it or otherwise apply it in any way. Members shall not take improper advantage of their position as an actual or prospective investor.
  8. Members shall supply such information to the Trident Angels as may be reasonably requested by the Steering committee. In particular Members will complete a “statistics sheet” quarterly in the form determined by the Steering Committee, which provides details of all transactions completed in the previous three months.
  9. Members shall inform the Steering committee promptly if any conflicts of interests arise. The Steering Committee will discuss the matter with the entrepreneur involved and recommend the appropriate course of actions.
  10. Members shall, where relevant, take reasonable steps to inform themselves, their peers, their portfolio companies and their advisors, of the social, environmental, economic and other possible consequences which may arise from their actions
  11. Members shall absolve the Trident Angels from any and all liabilities associated with investment and are well aware of the risks involved with embryonic start-ups.

To become a member, please submit a note with your resume to