Investment Criteria for the Trident Angels: Looking for the right entrepreneurial profile

The most promising entrepreneurs have the passion and commitment necessary to succeed. These characteristics are essential but insufficient. Entrepreneurs must also develop the managerial rigor required to plan, implement and monitor their strategy and operations effectively. To help them learn by doing without failing, angel investors will share their experience and networks, but will require their approval for the use of funds (and subsequent rounds of funding). Such requirements will be described in the Term Sheet and Investment Agreement through equity ownership, convertible debts, warrants, appointment of a director to the company board, etc. To be considered, entrepreneurs must recognize angel investors as business partners rather than as creditors, and meet the following criteria:

Investment criteria:

  1. Has been operating for at least one year;
  2. Generates at least $100k in revenues, with double digit growth potential annually;
  3. Needs $250,000 to $5Million equity investments from local business partners who can help.

Or if you want to sell your business:

  1. Has been operating for at least 5 years;
  2. Generates minimum $5Million in revenues/year